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baby M is dead... ...long live baby M

Death can be defined as the state in which someone or something ceases to exist outside the realm of our collective memories.

[1988-01-02, Mike Comstock at Nitro]Baby M was a self-proclaimed "psycho-funk" rock band born in 1987 in Tulsa, Oklahoma - of all places, and raised in Chicago, Illinois, throughout much of the 1990s. The time at which Baby M began to exist only within our memories is not well known. There has never been much information about the band available online. The goal of this site is to fill that void. It is hoped in time the many pages throughout this site will become useful for: (1) providing new and interesting insights regarding the music of Baby M; (2) putting an end to the confusion, speculation and mystery surrounding its eventual demise; and (3) bringing fans of the band up-to-date with current information about its various members - both living and otherwise.

Do you remember Baby M? Did you ever see Baby M perform live? Do you still own a copy of Baby M's 1992 CD, "Truth Squirts"? Do you believe Baby M was the best thing ever to emerge from Tulsa during the late 1980s Modern Rock heyday? Are you looking to download a few rare live recordings of Baby M that have never been available before? If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you're suffering at the right site.

-- MykeC