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CentList.com, a subordinate enterprise of Ad Spread Collective (ASC), is currently a grassroots project in development, controlled and operated by Keith B. Anderson, founder of ASC (or Adspread.com), with it's interactive version (CentList INTERACTIVE) being programmed/maintained by Myke Carter, ASC partner. Its purpose is to provide seller members with a cheap and long-term avenue with which to promote their goods and services and to eventually serve as a convenient networking forum for all its members.

Its purpose is also to eventually help worthy charities and causes raise funds via the extra contributions CentList members voluntarily add onto their standard *listing fees in order to elevate the status of their listings--*fees which will be charged in the future should CentList reach adequate maturity.

In these initial stages, listings will be FREE until further notice in order to encourage interested parties to use CentList services, to increase the quantity and variety of listings available to visitors, and to garner the exposure and support normally needed to help such newly formed dot.coms survive and succeed. If/When there comes a time when CentList has reached a level of popularity that warrants the charging of listing fees, all existing members will be given a final free period before they must either register and begin paying fees or simply have their existing listings deleted—wherein, if deleted, no charges would be imposed whatsoever for the period of time that their listings were already posted.

Struggling entrepreneurs—ESPECIALLY—will benefit from CentList services should it become as successful and influential as intended. (See FUTURE ADVANTAGES, below.)

The initial product/service listings have originated from seller entities invited to CentList by Keith Anderson, founder of CentList.com. In upcoming days, they will also be derived from those who are recruited by said seller entities—with special emphasis being placed on recruiting seller entities who have websites from which customers may directly purchase goods/services. The purpose of this recruiting process is to better ensure that only honest sellers are initially posted on this site—who would then have the opportunity to bring in other honest sellers. (Those who are recruited by said seller entities will have “Recruited by” and the CentList Member # of the entity by their listings so that said seller entities will be credited for their recruitment. The "Recruited by Member #" will also be linked to a page posting all listings the recruiters have on CentList.com.)

The CENTLIST MOVEMENT hopes to change the marketing/networking world—and the world in general—FOR THE BETTER! It’s modus operandi will always be to help each and every one of its members reach their fullest potential via an infrastructure designed to eliminate the economic and marketing obstacles that stand in their way and that prevent them from becoming known. While, at the same time, its upcoming optional charity-surcharges will allow those seller members who are prospering to share their good fortune by contributing to very worthy charities/causes, thereby allowing them to simultaneously elevate their listings' statuses above the same-type listings of other seller members contributing less.

We hope you see the need and tremendous appeal in this project and jump onboard to help it succeed.—Keith B. Anderson


  1. Listing fees on CentList will be very cheap:

    Numbers of ListingsPrice per Listing
    1 - 910˘
    10 - 19
    20 - 29
    30 - 39
    40 - 49
    50 - up
  2. CentList will list items/services for a full year unless otherwise notified by the sellers. List it and forget it. Avoid the aggravation, time-consumption, and/or ever-increasing expense of having to constantly renew listings every week/month or so.
  3. No commissions will ever be charged, just listing fees. This, along with the inexpensive cost, will allow sellers to list items at cheaper prices and be more competitive. Plus, sellers can list their complete contact info because CentList would have already collected all its fees beforehand.
  4. Multiple Selling Options—NO FINANCIAL RISK. Sellers may offer Buy-It-Now, accept bids, or both. Sellers do not have to accept any particular bid but may accept any bid and sell to any buyer they wish.
  5. List any quantity of the same item in a single listing at no extra charge.
  6. Gain a more PROMINENT listing by contributing to charity. Sellers may add a charity surcharge onto the standard listing fee and receive a higher status for their listings. The complete surcharge amount will go to their selected charities. Example: Seller Jones lists 10 items at a 9˘ listing fee each. Jones adds a surcharge of 9˘ to all listings (= 90˘ total) and has selected 3 charities. Thus, each of his 3 selected charities will receive 30˘, and Jones will receive a more prominent status for said 10 listings. His total cost = $1.80—still only 18˘ per item—CHEAP!
  7. Swap money/payments back and forth FREE of charge, in unlimited quantity and frequency. The Ad Spread Collective Transaction Fund (ASCTF) will accommodate this process, functioning as a debit service.