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CentList is a subordinate enterprise of Ad Spread Collective and will develop at the grassroots level. The initial product/service listings will originate from seller entities who are recruited into CentList by its founder and from seller entities who are recruited by those seller entities who were recruited by the founder. This is mainly to better ensure that only honest sellers are posted on the site. (All recruited entities will have "Recruited by" and the CentList member # of their recruiter by their listings so that their recruiters will be credited for their recruitment.) Because the definition of "true recruitment" is to bring in new members from outside sources with whom the recruiter has no association, CentList will place TOP PRIORITY on first accepting those potential recruits who are, preferably, adult age and who are official representatives of business/organizational entities not associated with any entities that the recruiter controls or represents. Consequently, the quickest way for a recruiter to earn his/her way onto the TOP 100 RECRUITERS list is to solicit this type of potential recruit--especially if they have *credentials that CentList can quickly verify (*preferably via internet examination.)

Sellers may post listings only under entities they register with CentList. Eligible entities are their own persons (themselves) or entities they own, control or officially represent, with each entity having its own unique SSN, EIN, DUNS (Dun and Bradstreet) #, or some other unique official identification. A listing will remain posted for a full year unless deleted by the member or by CentList. Members may post any legal listing that is of a decent and unsuspicious nature. No pornographic/sexually-offensive material allowed at this time, no openly bigoted or sector-offensive material, and no "get-rich-quick" schemes which are obviously questionable--especially those charging significant upfront fees. CentList reserves the right to delete undesirable listings and/or suspend or close a member's account at any time should he/she significantly violate its policies regarding listings.

In these initial stages, CentList does not take responsibility for the actions of sellers or of the buyers. CentListís only responsibility is to post the listings. Those wanting "buyer protection" should hook up with sellers on CentList and then have the sellers transfer the desired items to sites already guaranteeing such protection.

At this present stage, no seller ratings will be posted for viewers to see. However, consumers may report undesirable seller activity to CentList. A significant quantity of unsatisfied consumers providing adequate proof of impropriety will result in the applicable seller members being removed or suspended. The feedback must be emailed to "Founder" via the CONTACT page. In the future, consumers' transactions with sellers will be able to be electronically recorded, and said consumers will be able to leave site-posted feedback via an electronic seller-rating form based upon said electronically recorded transactions.

In this initial stage, all listings are free of charge in order to help accelerate membership recruitment. In the future, when listing fees are charged, CentList's plan is to have in place the Ad Spread Collective Transaction Fund (ASCTF). The ASCTF will serve as a free-to-use debit fund, allowing its members to swap money back and forth while charging them nothing for this service. Members will be able to deposit money into it via mail or via electronic means (credit cards, PayPal, bank transfers, etc.). Members will be able to deposit/withdraw any feasible amount they wish as long as they pay any transaction/processing fees charged by companies/banks outside of ASC. Because of the convenience of its ability to accommodate free debit-type transactions even of the smallest of amounts, all entities wishing to use CentList and other ASC enterprises will be required to become ASCTF members--no cost to join. Any existing CentList members not wanting to adhere to the new policies and/or pay the necessary listing fees will be allowed to opt out and have their listings deleted--never owing CentList any payment whatsoever for the prior listings.

The original product/service listings will originate from listings posted by recruited sellers. Those sellers not recruited but wishing to become CentList sellers must be owners or representatives well-established businesses/organizations and/or must have positive ratings on other sites. In the future, credit card or bank account registration may be required for seller membership.

Because a seller's recruits are tied to his/her account, sellers wishing to end their accounts--or accounts ended by CentList--will result in said accounts being "closed" instead of "terminated." Therefore, when a visitor accesses the SELLER INDEX page of a closed account, he/she will not see the former/inactive member's name and contact info but will instead see a message indicating that the account has been closed, with the visitor will still being able to access any recruits the former/inactive seller member had acquired. And, of course, after a seller member's account is closed, no potential seller-recruit registering for membership will be able to use the former/inactive member's Recruiter ID when completing the Registration Form.

For ease of dispersing important and/or significant info to the whole membership, all CentList members will be required to accept Blast! email messages from CentList. Those not accepting these Blast! messages will have the option of having their membership closed. Also, being the case that, sometimes, email messages targeted at specific recipients aren't observed or answered, genuine contact info is required when registering for CentList membership--so that members can be contacted via various means should important messages need to reach them and so that fraud can be better prevented by requiring members to be connected with actual addresses and phone numbers. Therefore, submitting false contact info that is discovered by CentList--or allowing obsolete contact info to remain for a significant time--will lead to account suspension or closure if it isn't corrected by a specified deadline.

CentList will not be held financially responsible for any lost advertising funds sellers may expend which are tied to the availability of CentList for public view. Therefore, if CentList is temporarily unavailable because of technical, financial, or legal difficulties, or if it closes altogether, any non-CentList, seller-initiated ads leading directly to it will be vulnerable to obsolescence or capital-lost status--especially if said ads fail to include contact info other than that leading only to CentList.

CentList members may have their accounts suspended or closed at any time, with no fees being charged for such. The member's INDEX page will become void of his/her name and contact info but the links to their recruits' pages will be maintained. At any time afterward, the member may have his/her membership status reinstated by CentList if he/she is in good standing.