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Powering Web Sites and Empowering People to Manage Them Since 2003

The MykeC Network is a competent and affordable web solutions provider specializing in custom web application development, web site design, web graphic design, web hosting, and FLAC and MP3 audio file production.

[]The MykeC Network's mission is to empower people by providing them with greater access and ability to manage their content on the web with less effort and personal cooperative instruction. Our services can enhance the functionality of your existing site or replace it entirely based on your individual preference and need.

Assisting those seeking less dependency on costly professionals with regard to web content management is a cornerstone of The MykeC Network's philosophy, however, people with either no time or desire to take more active roles in managing their web content are also welcome. Either way, chances are good The MykeC Network has a comfortable solution for you.


The Mykec Network and its associates can provide all the essential services necessary to establish your quality web site. We can then work with you afterward to keep it up-to-date or manage it entirely for you. If The MykeC Network is unable to provide a needed service, we'll let you know and, if possible, offer assistance toward finding an acceptable solution. []

Some of our customer services are:

  • personal instruction
  • domain name registration
  • affordable web hosting
  • email configuration
  • content management
  • SSL encryption
  • MySQL database administration
  • custom PHP software development

Pricing Plans

The MykeC Network offers two basic plans for pricing designed to accommodate a variety of wants, needs and budgets:

  1. The "25/One+" Plan:  If you're seeking a more active role in the management of your web content you'll prefer this plan which asks $25/hour for any and all services rendered toward the creation of new content plus an approximately $1/day management fee thereafter for the life of your site to cover the costs of personal instruction, tech support and professional "bail-out" assistance, should you ever make mistakes while managing your site with our software. Payments are non-refundable and must be paid in advance on either a monthly or annual basis.
  2. The "60/None" Plan:  This more traditional "pay-as-you-go" plan asks $60/hour for any and all services rendered with usually no additional commitments or obligations in effect. If necessary, custom variations of this basic plan are negotiable.

Note: Domain name registration, web hosting setup, email configuration and SSL certificate installation services are typically included as part of "new content creation" but may not be depending on the uniqueness of your situation.

Audio File Production


The MykeC Network also specializes in creating and properly mastering high-quality, audio files in both lossless FLAC and lossy MP3 formats. Just provide us with your original recordings on MiniDiscs, CDs or even audiocassettes and we can do the rest.

Note: We fully respect the rights of artists and neither use nor endorse the use of any illegal materials.

Online Content Management with MykeCedit

This web site is created and maintained using MykeCedit and an accompanying suite of custom-built MykeC Network tools known as "apples". MykeCedit is the online content manager and flagship software solution which distinguishes The MykeC Network from all other web-development agencies. MykeCedit enables our customers to manage the content and appearance of their sites securely from within their own web browser.

[co-operation]Training is available and recommended. MykeCedit is designed for use by people of all levels of expertise. Our goal is for it to be easy for beginners to learn and use yet robust enough to please and impress the experts.

Note: The MykeC Network reserves the right to limit, suspend or revoke access to MykeCedit and/or its other site management solutions with perceived just-cause and without prior notification. This is particularly true in proactive or reactive defense against situations when the security, stability, or good reputation of the network is threatened, compromised or harmed in any way.

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