On Borrowed Time
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After it looked like I might have the time of the Rapture, the peace pact signing, Mid-week and Armageddon, I needed to prove by the Bible that the two witnesses arrive on Tabernacles 1988. I remembered that Unger's Bible Dictionary had a list of Jewish feast days. There I found the Fast for the Death of Moses on the seventh day of the Jewish month Adar. From the rabbi I found that date in 1992 was March 12.

I remembered that in Rev. 11:9 the two witnesses lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days. Three and one-half days before sunset, March 12, 1992 would be sunrise, March 9, the time when the two witnesses would be killed by Antichrist. These two witnesses prophesy for 1260 days before they are killed. That date would be sunrise, September 26, 1988. The witnesses arrive on Tabernacles 1988.

Then I calculated when World War III would start. Revelation 8:1 says there is 1/2 hour of silence in heaven before the seventh seal starts the first of the four trumpets of World War III. One-half hour is to 24 hours as 7 1/2 days is to a 360-day prophetic year. Here are the 7 1/2 days from sunrise, September 26 to sunset, October 3, 1988, the end of Tabernacles.

I suspected that World War III would start the next day, sunrise, October 4, 1988. Isaiah 17 speaks to the 70th week of Daniel. The chapter ends, "In the evening sudden terror! Before morning they are gone!" This chapter is written to Syria. From my reading of the old Testament, I suspected that the Antichrist was a Syrian Jew. The words of that scripture sound exactly like Ezekiel 39:10, "This is the portion of those who loot us, the lot of those who plunder us," describing the Gog-Magog war between Israel and Russia. I concluded that Syria must attack Israel at sunset, October 3. 1988, and be destroyed by the two witnesses before sunrise.

If this were so the people of Israel would do no fighting in this Magog war. Ezekiel 39:22 says, "From that day forward the house of Israel will know that I am the Lord their God." Ezekiel 38:23 says, "I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord." This would be the start of the Magog war with Russia. Syria is a member of the Warsaw Pact; Russia and her allies would attack Israel by paratroops like a cloud to cover the land. (Ez. 38:9.)

Ezekiel 38:9 also says, "for seven years they will use them (the weapons) for fuel." There are seven years of wood burning of the Magog weapons from this war. Therefore the Magog war with Russia had to be finished in 23 hours in Israel, before sunset, October 4, 1988, so that the wood burning could begin before sunset in order to end by sunset seven years later, Armageddon, October 1995. The World War III date was correct.

What about the United States and World War III? I remembered, I had read that Isaiah 18 applied to the United States. It describes the cutting and pruning before harvest time and the birds being unmolested all summer. October 4 is before harvest time. The war would be over by the first day of summer, June 20, 1989. World War III between the United States and Russia would be 37 weeks long. The Magog war in Israel lasts 23 hours and the World War III between the United States and Russia lasts 37 weeks. The end of World War III ends exactly 40 weeks after Rosh-Hashana, September 12, 1988. The hallmark of God is his symmetry, continuity and logic. Two hundred eighty days, 40 weeks is God's symbolic period of gestation, testing and association with the wicked.

Daniel 8:14 states, "It will be 2300 evenings and mornings, then the sanctuary will be reconsecrated." Twenty-three hundred evenings and mornings before Armageddon, October 4, 1995, is sunset, June 17, 1989. Two hundred eighty days after the Rapture, September 12, 1988, is sunset, June 18, 1989. These two witnesses bracket the beginning and ending of the day the Tribulation Temple is set up, Sunday, June 18, 1989. (The Tabernacle of David, Amos 9:10-11, Acts 15:16-17.)

Satan now accuses us before God in heaven while Jesus, our advocate, sits at His right hand. When will Satan be cast out of heaven? He is given 1260 days before Armageddon. Counting back from that date, October 4, 1995, the date is April 22, 1992. This is six days before the idol is set up at mid-week, April 28, 1992.

A famous psychic has said that a great world leader was born at sunrise, February 5, 1962. This leader is a likely candidate for Antichrist. It appears that Satan's events start at sunrise and God's events at sunset. Satan would arrive on earth at sunrise, April 22, 1992 in order to resurrect Antichrist by incarnating his body. Antichrist had to die three days and three nights earlier at sunrise, Sunday, April 19, 1992, in order to duplicate Jesus' three days and three nights in the earth. Antichrist would spend three Gentile days and nights in the earth; Jesus spent three Jewish days and nights in the earth.

If Satan arrives at sunrise, April 22, 1992, then faithful Jews must arrive at Petra by sunrise, April 22, 1992, in order to avoid being caught by Satan and be in Petra's safety for 1260 days (Rev. 12:14) and to be released at sunrise, Armageddon, October 4, 1995, 1260 days later.

There are 81 days from the start of Armageddon, sunset, October 3, 1995, to the start of the millennium, sunset, December 24, 1995. If we allow one day for the battle of Armageddon and 45 days for the Judgment of the Nations which occurs between Daniel's 1290th and 1335th days, what are the other 35 days for? Israel mourned 30 days for the death of Aaron and 30 days for the death of Moses. Zechariah 13 must describe a 30-day period of mourning for Jesus after the Jews recognize him as their Messiah. That leaves five days to be accounted for. It must take five days for the Jew to recognize Jesus on Tabernacles--from sunset, October 3, to sunset October 8, 1995. The mourning begins at sunset, October 9, the end of the first day of Tabernacles.

According to these calculations, the Judgment of the Nations begins at sunset, November 8, and continues 45 days to sunset, December 23, 1995, the start of the millennium. The millennium ends 1000 years later, at sunset, December 23, 2995.

At the end of his 1260 days Satan is to be chained 1000 years, from sunrise, October 4, 1995, to sunrise, October 4, 2995. This date is 81 days before the end of the millennium, just as he was chained 81 days before the millennium started. After the thousand years, Revelation 20:3 says that Satan must be loosed a short while. Revelation 12:12 defines a short while as 1260 days. Satan is released for 1260 days, from sunrise, October 4, 2995, to sunrise March 17, 2999. March 17, 2999, therefore, is the date of the last great war on earth spoken of in Revelation 20:9 when Satan and his army are finally defeated. Sunset, March 17, the start of the Jewish day March 18, 2999, is the start of the Great White Throne Judgment which continues for 280 days.

The Chronological Bible said that Abraham was called by God in 1924 B.C. That would be 1919 years before the conception of Jesus on December 24, 5 B.C. If we allot Jesus' 280-day gestation period to that Church age and calculate only Jewish months and years that the Jew was in favor with God and in Israel, then the Jew lacked nine days completing 3000 years in favor with God at the end of the millennium.

If the great white throne judgment were 280 days long it would end on December 22, 2999, nine days before January 1, 3000 A.D. This is the day that the wicked are thrown into the lake of fire. The next day, December 23, 2999, is a Saturday, the Sabbath. The next day, Sunday, December 24 is the King's birthday, a day of rest. The next day, Monday, December 25, the earth will be renovated by fire. December 26 through December 31 will be six days of recreation, just as in the time of Adam. On the tenth day, January 1, 3000 A.D., we will move into the new earth and the New Jerusalem set in orbit above it. But we Christians would have already been living in the new Jerusalem for 1000 years since after the wedding of the Lamb and his bride.

There are 1468 days from the time of Jesus' conception, December 24, 5 B.C., to the start of zero year, the day following December 31, 1 B.C. These days, when inserted between December 24, 2995, and January 1, 3000 A.D. complete the counts of days. As of January 1, 3000 A.D., both the church and the Jew have 3000 years in the land and in favor with God. God did not show partiality between Jew and Gentile. Six thousand years is the number of man on earth.

Six months after Israel invaded Lebanon in June, 1982, Israel captured certain Lebanese caves. In them were stored $2 to $5 billion worth of weapons, enough to arm the Lebanese ten times over. Battle plans were also found which were written in 17 languages. In them the Russian invasion of Israel was set for six weeks later, August 4, 1982. World War III should have already happened. Except for the restrainer, the world would already be five years into nuclear winter. We have been living on borrowed time.