On Borrowed Time
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THE $10,000 BILL

God offers eternal life and happiness without end for your accepting the blood of Jesus to replace your earthly sins. It is very simple; a lot like a $10,000 bill lying on the sidewalk in front of you. All you have to do is stoop over and pick it up and it is yours forever, but you do have to pick it up to claim it. You can't watch it lie there and say that it belongs to you. You have to pick it up. There is some effort involved even though it is a gift. You still have to pick it up. It is really almost effortless, but you still have to pick it up.

I guess God figures that as simple as he has made it, if you won't bend over and pick it up that you just really don't want eternal happiness anyway. I would guess that God would say if you really didn't want eternal happiness enough to bend over, then what you really wanted was eternal punishment. So God obliges you and gives you eternal punishment--and the choice was made by you and you alone. And you will have eternity in punishment to ponder that decision.

To accept Jesus' sacrifice as the Lamb of God to replace your earthly sins for the gift of eternal life and happiness with God is more valuable than a $10,000 bill. But to be fair to all God requires that this decision be made entirely by you and you alone. It must be made on this earth now. Decide where you will spend eternity. Pick up the $10,000 bill.