On Borrowed Time
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Using Rosh-Hashana, 1988 as the date of the rapture of the church, the dates of the remaining end-time events can now be found. The rapture will occur sometime during the period of Rosh-Hashana between sunset, Sept. 11 and sunset, Sept. 13. The next Feast is ten days later, Day of Atonement, Sept. 21. This day Antichrist will sign the peace pact with Israel to start the 70th week of Daniel, also known as the Tribulation.

Five days later, Feast of Tabernacles, Sept. 26, the two witnesses will arrive to seal the 144,000 Jewish Christian missionaries.

In order to find the mid-week point of the seven-year tribulation one must understand that there are 3 1/2 Jewish years between Rosh-Hashana 1988 and Passover 1992. Each Rosh-Hashana to Rosh-Hashana cycle is one year, and the remaining Rosh-Hashana to Passover is one-half year. 6

The mid-week date is then found by adding ten Gentile days to the date of Passover, April 18. This ten days allows for the time from Rosh-Hashana 1988 to Day of Atonement 1988, which is not part of the Tribulation period.

This date, April 28, 1992, is midweek of the 70th week of Daniel, or 3 1/2 years into the seven-year Tribulation. On this date Jesus takes legal possession of the earth from Satan. (Rev. 11:15). He does not take physical possession until Armageddon, Oct. 4,1995.

April 28, 1992 is also spoken of as "the time of the end" in Dan. 11:40 and 12:1-4. This denotes the end of Satan's rule, now taken back by Jesus, the second Adam. On this day the idol is set up in the Tribulation Temple for all the world to worship. (Rev. 13:14). The trumpet sounds to introduce the seven Bowl Plagues of Rev. 11:15. The plague of 200 million demon cavalry ends March 12, 1992. (Rev. 11:14).

Daniel 12:11-12 gives the counts of 1290 and 1335 days which are begun at mid-week. Counting as a Jew, the end of 1290 days will be sunset, Nov. 8, 1995, the start of the 45-day judgment of the nations. This judgment ends at sunset, Dec. 23. The end of 1335 days will also be sunset Dec. 23, 1995, the start of the Millennium.

The Jewish-Christian teacher Zola Levitt has shown that the 280-day human gestation period has developmental events which coincide exactly with the dates of the Seven Feasts of Israel. J.R. Church, a Baptist minister and prophecy teacher in Oklahoma City, has stated that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Samuel were all born on Rosh-Hashana and that Jesus was born on Rosh-Hashana, Sept. 29, 4 B.C. If it could be proved that there were 2000 years between Jesus' birthday and the start of the millennium, Hosea 6:2 would substantiate that the dates are correct. 7

Counting Rosh-Hashana, Sept. 29,4 B.C. as day 280, the first day of the 40-week, 280-day gestation period is sunset, Dec. 23, 5 B.C. Comparing the gestation period to the Seven Feasts of Israel, the following events occur: l4th day, the egg is released, Passover, Jan. 6, 4 B.C.; 15th day, fertilization, Unleavened Bread, Jan. 7; 22nd day, implantation, First Fruits, Jan. 13; 5Oth day, embryonic form, Pentecost, March 4; first day of the seventh month, hearing developed, Trumpets, June 18; tenth day of the seventh month, blood developed, Day of Atonement, June 27; fifteenth day of the seventh month, lungs fully developed, Tabernacles, July 2; 280th day, Rosh-Hashana, Sept. 29, 4 B.C., Jesus' birthday. This shows that from the first day of Jesus' gestation, sunset, Dec. 23, 5 B.C., to sunset, Dec. 23, 1995, the end of the 1335th day of Daniel, is 2000 years, sunset to sunset, verifying Hosea 6:2 to the exact second.

6 The Jewish sacred year is from 1 Nisan to 1 Nisan; the Jewish civil year from Rosh-Hashana to Rosh-Hashana.

7 The Jew is to be put down two (prophetic) days with God.