On Borrowed Time
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EW: When I was a young boy I went to a community church in the coal mining camp. The Catholics had it from 7 to 9 and we had it from 9 to 11. It was the only church in that part of the county.

LM: Non-denominational?

EW: It was a Catholic church but they let us Protestants have it.

LM: All denominations of Protestants?

EW: Yes. The Mormons had the school house for their Sunday services.

LM: Where was this, in Utah?

EW: Yes, East Carbon, Utah, they call it now. A preacher came to town, the first time I ever heard anyone discuss Revelation. He had his charts and everything and he said, among other things, that the new Jerusalem was as wide as it was long. In other words, it was a cube. I got real interested in Revelation. He really tried to save me, but I just wouldn't be converted. But he put an everlasting desire to know the truth about Revelation in my heart. When I went home and studied it I found that John called the new Jerusalem the mountain of God. I've never seen a cubical mountain. So, wide as it was tall, I figured it must be a pyramid or something like that. Charles R. Larkin verified that in his book, Dispensational Truth. He died in '24, he wrote the book in '22. He'd been a 38-year Presbyterian preacher, an architect and mechanical engineer. He was the most valuable man. I learned to read prophecy from his books. He was really the giant on whose shoulders I stood.

I told myself, "If I ever get a chance, in this lifetime, I'm going to sit down and figure that out."

LM: This was before you were even saved?

EW: Oh, many years. I was 16 years old. I wasn't saved for another 20 years.

LM: But you were still interested in prophecy.

EW: Oh, yes. At that time I made the decision, "I am going to unravel that circuit. I'm going to figure that out. I know it's there."

LM: So it was an intellectual need for you at that time.

EW: Yes. I always searched for the chance to do it. So it laid dormant, and every chance I got, I'd study anything anybody had on Revelation. It was a dormant subject, especially in the coal camps.

LM: What period of time was this?

EW: This was about 1948. So years passed, and I retired from NASA. I worked a couple of years. The way the agreement was, I could earn 80% of my pay and I couldn't live on $350 a month, so I had to work. I ended up going back to school, getting a degree in accounting and a master's in business administration. And still studying prophecy during this time. I was sending tapes to everybody and learning things. J. R. Church came up with a tape, "Cryptic Dates of the Olivet Discourse". Oh, man, that was a beautiful tape.

About that time I retired as a disabled veteran. I had enough income to do anything I wanted to do, reasonably. So I said, "I've got the time. I'm gonna buy me a bunch of books and a bunch of bibles. And I'm gonna do what I always wanted to do, find the solution to the end time." Because I knew it was there. At that time I didn't know Amos 3:7, "God never did anything without revealing his secrets to his servants the prophets first." This was intuition. I just knew that God wouldn't do something without telling you what he was going to do. You don't whip a kid without telling him what he got spanked for. So I knew it was there. I had the time now. This was about 1975, and I had bought bunches of books and made bunches of tapes and read all of Larkin's books. I bought about $1000 worth of books, read them all, Presbyterian, Methodist, everybody's. I read them cover to cover twice, to check everything everybody said. It had to coincide and agree with every verse in the Bible, or I threw it out. Absolute honesty was my criterion in the search for the solution. It had taken about four years. I had been working on it hard since about the spring of 1973.

I ended up retired with all this background and all this reading completed. So in 1975 I bought my major Bibles, copied them, started marking them, made a list of 150 or so points, which later turned out to be 900. As I'd go through each reading of the Bible, I would put each point, and each verse, and each group of verses in its little place, and I'd check other verses to make sure when I came to them the second time that I had them in the right place. I did this 15 times.

LM: Was this your 886 end-time prophecies?

EW: I later realized that there were closer to 10,000, but I didn't know it at the time. When God showed me all of this other stuff, I realized He's been talking about it for 4600 years. That's about all He's been talking about! At any rate, I started very detailed study. I lived on every word. I read many verses 15 or 20 times to get the meaning. About ten years down the road, about 1982 or the middle of '83, I discovered the Seven Feasts of Israel.

I was reading Unger's Bible Dictionary one day. Of course, I was still reading everything I could find, even though I was reading the bibles deeply. I was just marking them right and left, and adding them to my list. I found in Unger's--1 believe it was Unger's--I've never been able to find it again, and I've searched allover the place. But it said, "Many preachers believe that Armageddon will be on the Day of Atonement." And I thought, "If Armageddon is on the Day of Atonement, then the Tribulation has to start seven years earlier on another Day of Atonement, logically." I kept reading a little farther, and I guess within ten minutes I ran across another statement in there that said, "Many preachers believe that the Lord will come on the Feast of Trumpets." That is when the Jew blows the Shofar trumpet, the ram's horn, for 30 days, skips a day, and blows the last trump on Rosh-Hashana. "So for this reason," the book said, "many preachers believe the Lord will return on some future Rosh-Hashana." And I thought, "Hey, there are six Feasts. I'II bet that seventh one is in there." So I counted them off: Passover, Christ died in 30 A.D.; Unleavened Bread, he lay buried. He was in Hell."

LM: Okay, that 30 A.D. date--now was that a found date? How did you get that date?

EW: All I knew was that the four Feasts happened in the first half of the Jewish year. And I was looking for something parallel to happen in the last half of the Jewish year. The Jewish sacred year starts with Passover. Their civil year starts near Rosh- Hashana. The civil year starts the second half of the Jewish year. I realized that these first four Feasts happened back then. So I thought, "I don't need to really worry about them. They're taken care of." Because they've already happened, historically.

Now we're coming to the last three Feasts. And how are we gonna have them happen? Let's say Rosh-Hashana is the rapture of the church. Now that would fit in with all the bible scripture of the Church going before the 70th week of Daniel starts ten days later. That would put us out of God's wrath.

LM: In all you've given 88 reasons why 1988 is the year of the rapture, so there were really a whole lot of things that led you to look at the rapture occurring at that time.

EW: At that time I think I had nine major reasons. They were things like the wicked generation of 40 years, and the righteous generation of 70 years, and the last generation after Israel became a nation.

LM: So you had put those together for yourself and God confirmed them later on.

EW: Pieces just kept falling together and a lot of the things I did were a hunch at first. Like these seven Feasts. It was just a hunch. I thought, "What if God used the dates of the last three Feasts of Israel to begin and end the count of days in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation.?" A lot of preachers had said in their books, "We've got a bunch of days, but we don't know when they start and when they end." I asked God, "Let it be me, I'm ready to go."

So I thought, "Okay, let's start with Rosh-Hashana being 1988, Sept. 11, 12, or 13. We've got Armageddon in '95, seven years later. And that will be on Day of Atonement. Isn't that interesting. Day of Atonement '95, back up seven Jewish years, that's beautiful." Then I thought, "I'11 bet Antichrist signs the Peace Pact that day. Let's put it down that way." And then I thought, "What am I gonna do on Tabernacles?" No hints there. I know the two witnesses arrive and 144,000 are sealed. So I thought, "let's try that."

LM: You knew that was the next thing in the sequence of events.

EW: Well, I knew they had to arrive. And I knew they had to arrive before World War III, because they were what destroyed the Magog army.

LM: So in the sequence of events that was the next thing to happen, and that would have been the logical place for it to happen.

EW: Yes, but I couldn't prove anything. I just said, "Now these are my opinions. Then I thought, "If all this is true, then mid-week has to be 3 1/2 years later, because the 70th week is seven years long. Because it's Day of Atonement to Day of Atonement, it has to be 3 1/2 Jewish years." We're dealing in Jewish time during the 70th week. So how am I gonna come up with mid-week, when the Idol is set up? I've got to have 3 1/2 Jewish years. Where does 3 1/2 years appear in the bible?

Finally I discovered that three solar years, that is, two 365-day years and a 366-day leap year and the 164 days between Passover and Rosh-Hashana all totaled 1260 days, or 3 1/2 prophetic years. God was saying that the 164 days from Moses' Passover, 14 Nisan, to Rosh-Bashana, first Tishri, is one-half a Jewish year. Thus from Passover to Passover to Passover to Rosh-Hashana was 3 1/2 years, and vise-versa. By this reasoning if the rapture were Rosh-Bashana 1988, Passover 1992 would be very close to mid-week.

So I called the Jewish synagogue and asked, "When is Rosh- Hashana 1988?" And this little Jewish girl said, "Well, we light the first candle on sunset of September 11th." That's the first time I had ever heard of lighting a candle or any of that stuff. I don't mean stuff, because that's sacred, but I had never heard of these things.

LM: Jewish traditions were new to you.

EW: Absolutely new. And I never said anything to her. I didn't want to let on my ignorance. I was trying to get information. I didn't want them to know how stupid I really was. The rabbi told me Rosh-Bashana was the 12th of September and Passover, 1992 was the 18th of April. Day of Atonement, 1995 is October 4. Day of Atonement, 1988 is September 21. I learned there that from the 12th to the 21st is only nine days the way a Gentile counts it, but the Jew counts the first day, too. So there are 10 days there. Not only that, but you gotta count Rosh-Bashana as the first day, when you go on counting your 15th day of Tishri being the start of Tabernacles. I got a bunch of pieces. I thanked the Rabbi. Of course I called him several times. I wore out my welcome. Because nobody was more stupid than me in some of these areas.

So I realized that I had the 18th of April, 1992 as mid-week, Passover. But then I thought, "Wait a minute. Going from Passover to Rosh-Bashana is 3 1/2 years, but the 70th week doesn't start until ten days later, on Day of Atonement. The day the idol is set up must be ten days past Passover, 1992, on April 28." But I counted it as a Gentile then. In other words, the 19th was day one, the 20th day two, the 28th day ten. And I thought, "Wel1, big deal the 28th of April, 1992 is the day the idol is set up. How am I gonna prove that?"

You know I had always wondered what that 1335th day was in Daniel. It says, "Blessed is he who waits and reaches the end of." And that was another funny wording. The end of the 1335th day. I knew I was dealing Jewish so it had to be sunset. The Jewish day starts and ends at sunset. So I got a perpetual calendar and started counting out 1335 days, counting the 28th of April, 1992, like a Jew does, as day one. The 1335th day ended at sunset December 23, 1995. That is the start of the Jewish day December 24. That's a Gentile's Christmas eve. The day you put the presents under the Christmas tree and open them. If it had ended on the 22nd I wouldn't have been concerned about it. Or the 27th or 29th I wouldn't have been concerned. I would've said, "It's just a boo-boo--it's nothing. I blew my case. Back to square one." But it ended on Christmas eve. You know, that's awfully, awfully, awfully strange. That the 1335th day ended on Christmas eve when everybody's telling me Christmas is a pagan holiday anyway.

LM: It's generally accepted that Christmas is really not when Jesus was born.

EW: Yes. A lot of people say a pagan holiday. Why do we even celebrate it at all? It's just a day to get the people out to buy merchandise. A year-end clearance.

LM: So why would that be a coincidence to have it end there? If it really shouldn't mean anything to us.

EW: But it is the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

LM: So you are saying that God did that in advance, intentionally because he knew that we would be celebrating on that day.

EW: He knew exactly. See, we were celebrating not the birth of Jesus but his conception, but we didn't know it.

But anyway, I thought, "Well, big deal. I've got to Christmas eve. And it's very, very strange that I would end up on Christmas eve on that 1335th day, which was so secret in Daniel." I knew it said in Hosea 6:2 that the Jew was put down for two days. Now if God says two days, he means exactly 2000 years. He doesn't mean 2000 years and one day. He doesn't mean 2000 years and one week. He means 2000 years exactly. And then the third day, it says, He raised them up. That's the millennium.

I had to find 2000 years in there somewhere. To the day. The third day, the millennium, that was accounted for. I had to come up with 2000 years to the day. Because God's no liar and he's no God of confusion. So I thought, "What if sunset December 23, 1995 was the start of the millennium?" I would have to have something start 2000 years earlier. That would about be the birth of Jesus. I had just received a tape from J.R. Church, where he said that Jesus was born on Rosh-Hashana, 4 B.C.

LM: Was this an historic source that he had gotten this from?

EW: I've never checked that date. But I know that he doesn't put stuff out like that unless he knows what he's talking about. I had confidence in his date, Rosh-Hashana, September 29, 4 B.C. Then I said, "Okay, I blew it again. I've got a whole year missing." If you go to the year 2000 and back up five years, you're at December 24, 1995. If you want to go 2000 years to the day, you've got to go to year zero and back up five years to 5 B.C. This gives you December 24, 5 B.C. That's a five year offset on both dates. I thought, "September 29, 4 B.C. has a whole year error in it. That's just not God's way. I'm wrong, throw it all out."

Later I got to thinking about Zola Levitt having come up with the seven Feasts of Israel being major points in the gestation period of a baby. What if I backed up 280 days, what would I have? So I got my calendars out again. I called the doctor's office. They told me it was 40 weeks, 280 days, and you count the first and last day. I counted 280 days from sunset, September 29, 4 B.C., and I ended up with sunset, December 23, 5 B.C. There was the 2000 years to the second, from sunset, December 23, 1995, the start of the millennium, to sunset, December 23, 5 B.C., the conception of Jesus. I jumped up and down. I was just elated because God had shown me his dating system which had been the mystery for 2000 years. Now I could fit together these events with the beginning and ending dates given by the lunar cycle, which couldn't be lied about.

LM: You have here sunset, December 23. Were you counting Jewish or Gentile time?

EW: Jewish. You gotta be careful whether you're ending a day or starting a day. So I had to the very second exactly 2000 years and starting a day. I said, "I've got it, I've got it, eureka!" Old Archimedes couldn't have felt any greater than I did. I knew I had in my hand at that second all the solutions to the mysteries of the last 2000 years. We now had the beginning and ending lunar dates of every count of days given in Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelation. Then I knew that God does count abortion as murder, because he counts your days not from the time you are born, but from the moment you are your mother's egg. The first day of the first month you're an egg, but you're not matched with your father's sperm for another 14 days. God counts your days from the day you are going to be conceived, which is 280 days.

LM: So this was the date from which everything else sprang.

EW: Well, April 28, 1992 was the key of everything. This was trying to prove April 28, midweek, when the idol is set up. Now if we could prove by two witnesses, biblically and logically, that April 28, 1992 was midweek, then we would have proof from there on of everything else falling into place systematically and by God's word to the second of time. I realized that by this we could solve every mystery of the end time, except the day and the hour. There was nothing held back, even to the 17th of December, if you want to say it, when God started the first day of creation. That would be 4005 B.C., less 30 years, to the very day He started. According to the Chronological Bible, Adam was created at age 30 in 3975 B.C. You have to have 4000 years, to the very second, from Adam to Jesus.

LM: Now what is that based on?

EW: God always speaks of a day as a thousand years and a thousand years as a day. There are 4000 years from Adam to Jesus, that's four days. And 2000 years from Jesus to the millennium, that's six days. That's six days of the week. Your seventh day is the 1000-year millennium, the day of rest. The Sabbath where Jesus rules and reigns.

Man can now know every event of the end time to the very second except for the day and hour of the rapture. That is the only mystery in the whole thing. Isn't that just like God. He said day and hour. He didn't say week, month and year. You don't add to God's word, you don't subtract from God's word. He says it in four different places, "Don't add to my word and don't subtract from my word." If he says it four times you'd better pay attention. And if he says day and hour, he's not saying week, month and year. I've never seen anything so beautifully fit together before in my life. And it just seemed to flood in. All the possibilities and ramifications. We could know everything at the end of the thousand years. We could know even 70,000 years into the future because in Deuteronomy 9:2 God said to the Jew, "If you obey me I'll promise you a thousand generations of peace." Now that has to be a righteous generation from Psalm 90:10. So that 70 times 1000 is 70,000 years into the new heaven and the new earth. We can know that. God never had any secrets from his prophets. He told them all this. I'll bet there are a lot of mysteries in those old prophets that'll now come to light. It's endless, the potential from this moment on.

My friends, when I tell them the Lord will be back Rosh-Hashana 1988, they think I'm the biggest nut they've ever seen. At this moment in time, particularly.

LM: It's almost as difficult to understand how you came to this as it is to understand how God put it together. The coincidence of a mere man understanding all this is almost beyond comprehension.

EW: He would not have put it together if his time had not been right. Five years before it was gonna happen. Five years grace. These dates, the last three Feasts of Israel, on the lunar cycle from '88 to '95, would have meant nothing to anybody, including me, if I had not had the 886 endtime bible prophecies at my fingertips with all the references. So that I could just put it together and call them to memory. "This piece fits here, this piece fits there." If I hadn't known all of that completely, the dates of the seven Feasts of Israel and the lunar cycle would have done no more for me than it did anyone else over the last 2000 years. The key of it was those ten years and 886 end time Bible prophecies. See, in 1987 I was up to fourteen years now in this study. I took the last three to put all those dates on everything. Every verse in Revelation now has its date on it.

LM: So when you reached this key 1992 date, what year was that?

EW: I think it was the latter part of 1982. I was so excited, the keeping of dates was not that important to me. What was important was how far this flood of information was going to carry us.

LM: With the verification of all these dates--that '88 is the year--and all of a sudden from all of your work, I can visualize you looking up. Like in the movies when the significant moment comes and Jimmy Stuart looks up and there's the calendar, and all the pages start ripping off and you see....

EW: Man, I started passing it out to everybody. Amen. I saw all this and I said, "I've got to get it out to the preachers. They'll recognize it immediately." But the thing I didn't realize was, they weren't as well read in their bibles. They didn't have those 900 bible prophecies. I was wasting my time.

LM: You were a lone person in the wilderness.

EW: I thought anybody could see what I could see. But unless they had those bible prophecies under their belt, they couldn't see what I was seeing. And I was naive to assume that they knew that much about their own bible even though they professed to. Somebody was lying. But I didn't know it. A bunch were lying and I didn't know it. Now they might have known their New Testament. But when it came to that Old Testament the only thing they ever quoted was the last few verses of Malachi.

LM: They hadn't chewed and swallowed it.

EW: No, and they hadn't tasted it, either. It was like it was a closed book. Man, I never got so much flak.

I spent a few months copying everything together. I mailed it to at least 50 preachers at one time. I went to great effort. All my money went to that. Because I thought they could understand. Man, I must have been the laughing stock of the continent, in their opinion. "This guy is a real cuckoo." It wasn't decently typed up. It was drawn, a lot of it, with pencil and paper, research notes in the roughest form. I was so thrilled to get it out, saying, "Look, our Lord's coming back! Praise God, jump up and down, tell the people! Don't just sit there any more!"

LM: You have to admit, even typed up, it's a little--

EW: It's heavy! There were pounds of it! You know it wasn't just a sentence or two. There was page after page. Like one preacher said to me, "You didn't put enough references in there so we can check everything you said." And I thought, "Well man, there's the bible."

I've since mailed out over 700 copies to everybody I thought loved God's word. I've spent well over $20,000 of my own money over the last five years trying to tell the world, but as of now maybe only a handful believe.

We now know all the events of the 70th week of Daniel, three world wars, three raptures, three judgments and all the events of the Millennium and their dates. I've given up on the preachers and if the public says "No", then we'll just sit down in front of the evening news and watch the events unfold.